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A romantic in search of letters and love

Published : Dec 27, 2017, 12:08 am IST
Updated : Dec 27, 2017, 12:11 am IST

It has young Twisha Khanna finding a stack of old letters and going in search of the man who wrote it.

Anamika Mishra
 Anamika Mishra

Anamika Mishra knew she wanted to be a writer when in 5th grade, she started reading books. But she thought of doing a job, gaining some experience in life and then write. She wrote her first book in the final year of college. By the time she finished her studies she was an author and so changed her plan to get a job. ‘For the Sake of Love’ is her third book. It has young Twisha Khanna finding a stack of old letters and going in search of the man who wrote it.

How does the idea for this book come? Is there a story there?
There’s a saying that if your love is true, set it free... it will come back if it’s yours. But how long one should wait? How to decide whether to move on or hold on? I believe, one should never give up on things we actually love. I know it’s hard to hold on, especially when no promises are made but still, in the end you will get the answers. I wanted to write something that gives hope to people and strength to hold on, no matter what!

Thoughts on letters...
Oh, I love it and I will be very happy if someone writes a letter to me! (laughs)
I am very old school that way. Sad part is, no one in this era wants to sit down and write letters. These days, things are all about swiping left or right, which I believe is making ‘LOVE’ lose its charm.


What was the biggest challenge?
Biggest challenge was to create the fusion of thoughts. There are two parallel stories in this book. I wanted to keep both the stories smooth. Creating characters was another challenge, as it has two protagonists. I wanted Twisha to be like the new- age youth so that a reader can relate to it and David to be powerful.

Your favourite part in the book
To be very frank, there are many. I loved the part when Twisha and Alex take a walk on the snow for the first time, in the chapter ‘An Unofficial date’. I also loved the part when they visit the church and Twisha gets a clue about Jasmine. While the most favourite part is of course the last chapter. I actually cried many times when I was writing that part.

About the book:
Name: For The Sake Of Love
Author: Anamika Mishra
Publisher: Westland publishers
PP: 200 Cost: 199

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