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Hanging by the harbour with VVS

My abiding cricketing memory of Sydney, where India will play Australia in the World Cup semi-final today, is not of a cricket match at all.

Pakistan is besieged

Earlier this month, I travelled to Pakistan. It was my second visit to the country, and my second in six months.

Misguided inquisition

At a conference in Mumbai in the winter of 2013, the writer and businessman Manish Sabharwal said public discourse in India was increasingly failing to differentiate between “fraud, incompetence and b

The poshak and the toshakhana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi should not have worn that suit with monogrammed pinstripes. In terms of semiotics, it sent the wrong message and provoked a needless controversy.

Blue economy

Among the more audacious foreign policy documents agreed to by an Indian Prime Minister in recent years, the India-United States “Joint Vision Statement on Asia-Pacific and the Indian Ocean Region” ha

Cricket in critical care

This past week’s Supreme Court judgment striking down clause 6.2.4 of the constitution of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), as well as emphasising the BCCI’s decisions were open to jud

Soviet-Jihad connection

While calling the killings at the Paris-based magazine Charlie Hebdo “horrible and condemnable”, Congress MP Mani Shankar Aiyar helpfully pointed out the Islamist attack was “obvious backlash” to the

The measure of a man

How will history judge Atal Behari Vajpayee?

Tripping on TRPs

Elections are cathartic moments in the life of a democracy, a time for a new beginning, a new order and a new way of doing things.

Beyond belief

Human resources development minister Smriti Irani’s private visit to an astrologer became another of those silly media controversies over the past week.

It has now become apparent to the Narendra Modi government that the manner in which it sought to amend the law relating to acquisition of land is not politically feasible.

If a law has not worked well on the ground, do you toss it out or try and improve its implementation?