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Murder is murder

Mohammad Akhlaq’s horrific killing in Dadri, in western Uttar Pradesh, just outside Delhi, is an act of infamy.

Sports: 1970s & now

How sports change. In the India of the 1970s, the mass sports were clearly hockey and football.

Rao, Singh and the Great Suicide

When politicians who are out of power write books, it is both understandable and intriguing.

Names people play

Generally speaking, this writer does not support name changes for streets and cities. Yet, this principle is not absolutist.

Gabbar and his friends

This month 40 years ago saw the release of Sholay. Directed by Ramesh Sippy, the film had a slow start.

Partition: A fallout of 1942?

There has been a spate of books in recent weeks on Partition and the birth of Pakistan.

Courting chaos

In recent weeks, the Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board, better known by its Hindi abbreviation of Vyapam, has become a subject of notoriety.

Indo-Pak in 200 words

To characterise the Narendra Modi-Nawaz Sharif meeting and joint statement in Ufa, Russia, on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit, as a “breakthrough” would be a gross exagge

Why India hates Bobby McJindal

In the late summer of 2001, I spent four months in the United States on a fellowship.

Don’t hyphenate Israel

Ever since foreign minister Sushma Swaraj announced at a press conference that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would visit Israel in the near future, there has been much speculation about the event.

Old Bombay-Delhi battles used to go like this. Delhi : Look at our wide roads, our grand homes, our lovely winter. Bombay: You are an overgrown village. This then changed to —

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is developing the habit of responding only to prodding of the presidential variety. The credit for securing the first response goes to American President Barack Obama.