Google brings male voice to Assistant

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Google is rolling out a male voice for all Android phones running Google Assistant.

Until now, voice assistants on both Android and iOS have been using female voices as the only way for the smartphone to talk to you. There has been a very good reason for that — science says that a woman’s voice is more easily audible to the human ears as female voice is high pitched and can travel longer when compared with a male voice. However, we live in a world that loves to customise and in order to meet customisation demands for smart assistants; Google has added a male voice to Assistant.

The latest update to Google Assistant has added an option to select a male voice for reading out to the user. The update is slowly being seeded to Android devices around the world and if you haven’t received it, you will get an update notification in coming weeks. The new setting can be found under Preferences in Google Assistant or Google Home, and Assistant Voice. You will have two options to select from — Voice 1 and Voice 2. Google could have at least named which voice is what.

As of now, we don’t see any major useful reason for this to be implemented rather than providing a choice for the user to personalise the Assistant. If you don’t like Assistant’s shouty and instructing female voice, you could now change it to a more subtle and deep male voice.