This Hanuman sticker in Bengaluru has left everyone guessing

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The striking orange sticker depicting a almost angry Hanuman is being used by motorists all over the city.

The sticker is made by Acharya, a graphic designer from Kerala and is currently being sold on the streets after it became famous. (Photo: Twitter)

Car stickers are quite popular among the youth and they pick up any trend on the street that they can identify with. Bengaluru has seen an increasing number of motorists using a striking Hanuman sticker on their vehicles; it has now become a trend which is almost empowering.

According to a recent media report, the orange Hanuman sticker has become a trendy part of every motor vehicle on the road. If you remember the broken glass stickers that became popular years ago, this one is more symbolic. It is usually the youth who are using it to because of the appealing saffron colour and the almost angry face of Hanuman, which is not what he is usually known to be.

The sketch print has been created by Acharya, a graphic designer from the small town of Kumble in Kasargod in the southern Indian state of Kerala. The designer created it in 2015 for his village flag on Ganesh Chathurthi as they wanted something unique and different for the occasion and mostly depicts attitude rather than anger like most people think it is. While the picture is going viral, Acharya does not have any intention of putting a copyright on it as it is being used by many people in the city already.