Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019 | Last Update : 09:53 PM IST

Age on Sunday

Speeder bikes

Joyride into the future

Here are a few ways you can make your science-fiction binging come alive. Come take a ride in the future automobiles.

Maglev trains

Futuristic technology

From personal flying drones to Meglav and Hyperloop trains, the future looks promising in the superfast lane.

Tomorrow comes today

From self-cleansing clothes to home robots, here is some futuristic tech that has been blowing minds.

Hearing is believing!

Soon we may wear wireless earphones day and night. They will translate on the fly — and block out the sound of your partner snoring in bed!

Walk into your photo!

Taking photos at events such as weddings etc and revisiting them in VR as if you were one of the guests will be commonplace in a few years.

Live a little easier

The first generation of gizmos were mostly about saving time and efficiency.

Smart advertisements, too smart?

The world’s first ‘virtual supermarket’ was created for Korea by Tesco engineers in Bengaluru.

Invading the world with futuristic technology

Let’s look at a few futuristic technologies that will soon unravel its magic in our lives.