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Every second house in Gujarat voted for the BJP, says Bhupendra Yadav

Published : Dec 24, 2017, 5:31 am IST
Updated : Dec 24, 2017, 5:33 am IST

Congress can claim anything but people of Gujarat know the facts, says Bhupendra Yadav.

Bhupendra Yadav
 Bhupendra Yadav

While the BJP retained Gujarat for the third successive term, the opposition Congress led by newly elected president Rahul Gandhi claimed that the poll verdict was a moral victory for the Congress. BJP’s in-charge of the state and party president Amit Shah's close confidante, Bhupendra Yadav in an interview to YOJNA GUSAI said  the Congress was delusional and that Gujarat has full faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his agenda of development.

BJP won both Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat elections. What do you think were the reasons for these poll victories?
People trust Prime Minister Narendra Modi and have complete faith in the people-centric initiatives taken by his government. They know that if the Prime Minister has promised development and taking the country on the development path, he will deliver on his promise, come what may. Also, the hardwork of BJP cadre and party president Amit Shah's strategies proved our opponent's predictions wrong.

BJP came to power in Himachal Pradesh but in Gujarat, where the BJP has been winning for more than two decades, it failed to manage a three digit tally.
Our vote share touched nearly 50 percent this time, which means that every second house in the state voted for the BJP. Getting nearly 50 percent vote share is an indication that people continue to have faith in the BJP. When was the last time the Congress scored this much of a vote share.

Congress had accused your party of raising all sorts of issues to divert attention from development which was your main poll plank. It also rejected Mr Amit Shah's claims saying that it was in fact the BJP, including the Prime Minister, who lowered the level of campaigning.
Congress can claim anything but people of Gujarat know the facts. Not just campaigning, even Congress strategy was to create deception and spread misinformation. Gujarat also saw how Congress tried to polarise the election and tried to play the caste card out of sheer desperation. Congress leaders made false promises to the people of Gujarat. But people of Gujarat rejected the Congress and kept faith with the  BJP because of its leadership and the work done by it.

But Congress claimed that Gujarat election verdict was a moral victory for it as they won only a few seats lesser than the BJP, which has been ruling the state for so many years.
Congress can continue to live with the delusion and continue believing in the wrong notion.  They cannot deny the fact that the BJP is now ruling in 19 states (including five by the NDA) and we will continue with this electoral feat because people trust us.

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